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The Quality of House Building Materials

The development of the modern era has also influenced the increasing of rapid construction in industry business. This includes the building materials industry which continues to grow and develop. To meet the modern building standards, various types of new building materials were created.

Environmental problems have become a global concern, making natural building materials such as wood limited. This encourages the building materials industry to develop and create modern alternatives that are safe for the environment. For example, by using 3D printing to make alternative building materials.

Choosing the right material is very important because it will impact the overall quality of the building structure. Even if you have a reliable construction team, if the material chosen is below standard, the building will encounter many problems and won’t last long.

Choosing the right building materials is usually often overlooked. Many developers prefer to use cheap materials while ignoring their quality. As a client, you can ask about the building materials that will be used by the developer and ensure the quality of these materials.

If the existing materials are inappropriate and has poor quality, you can reconsider by proposing the materials you want. The right materials in the construction process will also ensure the safety and durability of your building.

There are many types of building materials used to build a house. Look at the following list and just decide which building materials you need.

  1. Stone Foundation
    This material is needed to make building foundations. To make a foundation, you can use river stone, mountain stone, or brick.
  2. Cement
    The role of this material is very important in the construction process. 
    The role of cement in building a house is very crucial, starting from gluing foundation stones, connecting bricks to walls, plastering walls, to making exposed cement floors. The amount of cement required is so large that sometimes to save money, cement is substituted with limestone.
  3. Sand
    Together with cement and water, sand will become a mixture to glue stones and bricks together, forming sturdy walls and pillars. Quality doesn’t lie. The better quality of sand used, the better and stronger the dough will be.
  4. Steel
    This building material functions as a framework that strengthens the walls. Light steel is also sometimes used to hold up the roof. If you want to choose a lightweight steel roof for house roof construction, get to know the facts about mild steel first here.
  5. Wood and Bamboo
    Apart from being used for construction, wood is also often used for floors, walls, frames and stairs. Meanwhile, bamboo is needed for the development process.
  6. Gravel/Broken Stone (Split)
    Gravel or split stone is a building material that is usually used to mix cement and sand to make concrete. Reporting from the contractor, split stone has different sizes ranging from 5 to 50 millimeters with a distance range of 5 millimeters. Each size has a different function from the construction of the material.
  7. Clay Bricks/Clay Bricks/Light Bricks
    Bricks cannot be separated from the building process. Its cool and sturdy nature makes it very popular. To save money, bricks are often replaced by bricks which are more affordable, but not as sturdy as bricks and tend to get hot.

What consumers now like is light brick or hebel. White brick or hebel is made from a mixture of quartz sand, cement, lime, gypsum, aluminum paste and water. They are lighter and stronger than clay bricks, but they are more expensive and must be glued together using cement mortar.

Roof tiles made of clay are arguably the most popular in Indonesia. As an alternative, there is also asbestos and metal which are light, but quickly conduct heat into the house. Now, there are also roof tiles made from plastic, recycled rubber and cellulose fiber which are more environmentally friendly and relatively safe during an earthquake.

Apart from that, there are also asphalt tiles, ceramic tiles and wooden shingles. If your house has a minimalist concept, check out the following 5 types of roof tiles that are suitable for a minimalist house.

  1. Ceramic
    Floors, bathroom walls and kitchens require different ceramics. Apart from materials, the designs are now more varied.
  2. Fabric
    The use of fabric is commonly used as a building material. In the past we often saw the use of cloth as a material for housing such as tents. With the development of architecture and synthetic fabrics, the use of fabric as a building material is increasingly popular.

Many villas or accommodations have a camping or glamping concept and use fabric as the main material. In addition, modern canopies on various types of buildings are now installed with flexible fabric supported by a steel cable system.

  1. Glass
    The use of glass as walls is increasingly popular because it adds to the aesthetics of the house and makes a more modern impression. Installing glass on walls is cheaper compared to concrete, but its durability is certainly lower. The glass used as construction material has been adjusted for thickness, strength and ease of maintenance. Using glass for the walls of your house also lets in more light.
  2. Metal
    Metal type materials are more widely used as structures for large buildings such as skyscrapers. There are various types of metal that can be used for building. This metal material is strong, flexible, and if maintained or properly it will last a long time. You need to know that over time corrosion will occur for metal materials.

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