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The most recent Business Scope of The Company is Mechanical Electrical. PT Puraka Bangun Selaras has been appointed as Distributor of Capstone Microturbine for The Region (Indonesia).

We have complete range of high capability people to handle engineering, installation, sales and aftersales including operation and maintenance.

Capstone installed units in Indonesia are:

  • PT Pertamina Hulu Energi – Jambi Merang (2 x 65 KW since 2011)
  • PT Pertamina Hulu Energi – WMO (2 x 65 KW Offshore since 2020)
  • PT Saka Energi – Kepodang Field (2 x 65 KW Offshore since 2016)
  • PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ – YY Platform (2 x 200 KW since 2023)
  • Kubic Gasco (1 x 800 KW since 2017)
  • Mall Ambon City Centre (1 x 1000 KW including Absorption Chiller for Cooling, installed from 2017 – 2020)

Capstone Green Energy is a smart energy solutions provider that  will help you lower your carbon footprint, increase cost efficiencies  and build better resiliency for your business. Capstone, working as an Energy as a Service provider, is committed to enhancing your  business model and helping you achieve your environmental goals.

There’s no one solution to the problem, which is why a partner like Capstone Green Energy can guide customers through the design, implementation and management process through the utilization of technology and experience. Capstone is here to help customers have a positive impact on the environment and meet power, reliability and efficiency needs

Technology for Multiple Markets

  1. Energy Efficiency,

    Generate on-site power and capture thermal energy from the exhaust in CHP and CCHP applications for HotelsLarge Residential ComplexesRetail Buildings and Office Buildings.

  2. Microgrids,

    Provide reliable, resilient on-site power through a dual-mode microturbine or in conjunction with other distributed energy resources that can operate independently of the utility grid to balance loads and generation.

  3. EV Charging,

    Using renewable energy to power the EV charging infrastructure eliminates strain on the grid and the environment, especially when paired with smart EV charging solutions.

  4. Oil, Gas and Other Natural Resources, Produce on-site power for all phases of O&G production in both onshore & offshore applications for Drilling OperationsFlare Gas Reduction,Gas CompressionMining & Water Conversion.

  5. Renewable Energy,

    Cleanly and efficiently generate on-site power from biogas and other waste products to create high-efficiency renewable power and heat for Farm Digesters, Landfills, Food Waste and Solid Waste Management.  

  6. Critical Power Supply

    Mission-critical businesses have an uninterruptible power source with the world’s only microturbine-powered UPS solution for Data CentersHospitalsTelecom and Power Rentals.