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PT Puraka Bangun Selaras
PT Puraka Mitra Andalan


vision and mission of the company

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To recognized as a trusted construction services company, which provide the best service to clients by maintaining high commitment and dedication through quality and innovative services.


  1. Provide the best and maximum services to our clients. 
  2. Highly committed to implementing health & safety environment policies.
  3. Creating strong collaborative partnership with our clients & working partners.
  4. Enhance the capability and competitiveness through developing HR competencies. 
  5. Provide welfare and development opportunities for employees. 
  6. Maintain environmental and social balance.

Our Activities

Some of our service activities

Civil & Construction

PT Puraka Bangun Selaras Providing Civil & Construction Services

Design & Build

PT Puraka Bangun Selaras Providing Design & Build Services

Mechanical & Electrical

PT Puraka Bangun Selaras Providing Mechanical & Electrical Services

Trading & Supply

PT Puraka Bangun Selaras Providing General Trading & Supply Services


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Our Clients

Some of the clients we have worked with